Eco Tourism

Eco Tourism can be defined as - Responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and improves the well-being of local people. We at riversedge have done just that by -

Minimizing impact

Diversification of the range of tourism activities available at destinations

built environmental and cultural awareness and respect

provided positive experiences for both visitors and hosts

provide financial benefits and empowerment for local people.

Eco-tourism has been recogniaed as an important conservation tool. Ecotourism activities have been identified and developed at WRPL destinations & shall be site-specific i.e. dependent upon the potential of the particular site being developed. Following are the activities and facilities that have been undertaken for promoting an area as an ecotourism destination.
Nature Camps

Camping sites have been identified near riversedge at doddamakali (forest and river bed) and provided with basic facilities to enable the tourists to stay in natural surroundings either solely to experience the wilderness or additionally for participating in other activities requiring overnight stay in forests.

Eco-friendly Accommodation

Adequate facilities for boarding and lodging of tourists have been developed. The buildings are eco-friendly and strictly in accordance with guidelines laid down in this regard. All materials used for construction were available locally (Kadu kallu & Neem Wood) and where possible antique wooden doors, columns etc. have been used.

Trekking and Nature Walks

Trekking routes of varying distances and guided nature trails through designated paths have been identified and developed in scenic landscapes rich in biodiversity, causing minimum disturbance to the natural vegetation and soil. Our trained staff act as Nature Guides and Naturalists so as to assist visitors during wildlife viewing and trekking.

Wildlife Viewing and River Cruise

Wildlife viewing in 4x4 jeeps & River Boating is available in non-polluting boats (electric motors). Riversedge has dedicated access and license for upkeep of 7kms cauvery river for the protection of Mahaseer (a game fish-endangered species)

Adventure Sports

Facilities for adventure sports such as rock climbing, trekking, angling along with water sports such as river rafting, boating and canoeing are available. A new sport called swimming in rapids is a hit among young swimmers visiting Riversedge


Angling facilities for Mahaseer and other suitable fish species, strictly on a catch and release basis, is available on cauvery river & forbes sagar lake flowing through Riverse and along the forest areas.

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